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What should we do if our team, or a team member, disagrees with a referee's call? Is there any value for an unused 1931 football game ticket? It's for a game between the Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State teams.
Does the second team get to try for the extra point? Olympic women's teams from what country? Is there an NFL coach who has four Super Bowl rings?
Who was the 4th to wear jersey number 32? Which one is the home team? Is it Joe Carter who holds this World Series record?
How many times have the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup? How many times have the Penguins won the Stanley Cup? Can anyone list the 5 most winning MLB teams?
What was the roster for the 1995-1996 Seattle Supersonics basketball team? Who won 1st place in the NSW and Australian Triathlon Championships of...? What happens to the European place for winning the cup?
What team has won the second most Stanley Cups? Was there a baseball player with the nickname "Louisville Slugger?" Which major league baseball team has hit into the most double plays so far this season?
Who would get your vote for both the greatest men's and greatest ladies' Wimbledon champions of all time? When was the first time Kobe Bryant scored fifty points? Who was Mike Tyson's first professional opponent?
Why don't the Blackhawks have the home ice advantage over the Canucks? What is the total time the ball is in play? Who has 500 home runs but never led the league?
Who are the eight baseball players who have it home runs in the Polo Grounds Ebbets Field and Yankee Stadium? When does an NFL player officially become a veteran player? Has any driver ever won both the sprint cup and nationwide championship in the same year?
Has there ever been a time in the NFL when a team could score negative points? What is the final score 7-0 (7 inning game) or 1-0? Has Tiger Woods ever won a tournament being behind on day three of the tournament?
Who won basketball's all-star MVP, regular season MVP, & the finals MVP in the same year? How do they assign tee times in professional golf? In the 1987 baseball season, who played using number 16 for the Mets?
What are the career stats are for pitcher Doug Davis against the Chicago Cubs? Which professional sport is viewed more in America:  NHL or NBA? What has baseball's Paul Konerko always wanted to do but hasn't done yet?
What's the longest high school softball winning streak record?  Of the four major US sports what 2 teams have never made the playoffs? What were Bernie Williams' batting averages: left & right?
What is the record for most double plays turned by one team in a regulation length baseball game? Which player won a gold medal, euro championship, and an NBA championship? Given QB Graham Harrells college success at Texas Tech, why wasn't he drafted?
Who was the last player to play both in the MLB & the NFL? How many sets of brothers have played for the Angels? Who is the only player to have his name on the Stanley Cup four times with 4 different teams?
 How about the street basketball star known as Chris "Skywalker" Lowery going to the NBA? Have they done that before on the same day? What does the "V" logo on Tiger Wood's golf hat stand for?
What year did the NBA playoff begin the seven game series for all rounds? Where do you think he will be drafted? When was the first time Kobe Bryant Scored fifty points?
When was the last time a rugby team from Cardiff played at Twickenham? Are the birds you here in the background real? What NFL team has won the most games on thanksgiving day?
How should I squad to prepare for table tennis? Why did the Angles change their name? How much does hockey goalie equipment cost for 13-year-old junior person?
Isn't this the same as a spit ball? Who where the starting running backs for Southern Cal? Is Nick Faldo no longer with the golf channel?
What is the highest and the farthest that a football has ever been kicked?  Is it possible for the Cowboys' giant scoreboard / video board to get in the way of a punt? What baseball team signed Ben Sheets this off-season?


How many NCAA championships has U Conn's women's and men's teams won? Has any NCAA men's basketball team ever beat three #1 seeds to win a championship? Was Rocco Baldelli a Red Sox or Yankees fan while growing up in Rhode Island?
Is it good to weight train during baseball season?  What is the record for the highest point total in a NHL season? When was the last time Cleveland won a championship in any sport?
Can anyone name five football players to have played for both Everton and Wigand? Who was the University of Virginia football player who was from Drakes Branch, VA? What about Jay Cutler?
Where is the game ball from the 1893 LSU vs. Tulane football game? If the season ended today...? If an NCAA coach switches teams?
Name the only team that won the college men and women NCAA championship game in the same year?  Have two teams from the same conference ever made it to the championship game? What & where was a marathon some years ago with an inspiring finish?
What was the first year for AXA equity wore colour kits? Which soccer player has won the Champions League & been relegated? Which European golfer was also a professional ice hockey player?
What player played for the Boston Celtics, Boston Braves and Boston Bruins in the same year? In December, 1953, what team did Carolina beat for its inaugural ACC win? How many times have the Missouri Tigers received a number one seed in the NCAA tournament?
What is the difference between a slow pitch softball bat and a fast pitch softball bat? What city has hosted the most basketball Final Four's? In what sport does one tack?
Which player has played in all five football leagues and...? Who was the center that played with Magic Johnson at Michigan State? What cornerback was traded from the St. Louis Rams to the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1990's?
Are either of the two Drew Anderson's at the 2009 Cincinnati Reds' Spring training this year? Are there industry standards in basketball for the size Jersey numbers can be? Has Bob Knight ever won a game in the Big Ten men's basketball tournament?
In most sports, is a bye considered a win? How many NFL teams carry just a long snapper? Will Michael Butler (OL) of Iona College be selected in the 2009 NFL draft?
Will Chase Holbrook of New Mexico State be selected in the NFL draft? In what sport when you lose you move forward and when you win you move backwards? How many times have more than three Detroit Pistons players been in the NBA all star?
What athlete was recruited for basketball, but won a national football championship? Can anyone name this Scottish football team? How many ways are there to reach first base?
Will Michael Vick ever play pro football again? How about Michael Jordan? Any goalkeepers from Aberdeen?
What year did Indiana high schools adopt the three point shot for basketball? When is the last time that the UNC men's basketball team lost by more than 25 points? What was the first team in Super Bowl history to lose three Super Bowls?
Who is youngest quarterback to win multiple super bowls? In the NFL, can a player run out of bounds & return? What major league pitcher had the best winning percentage against the Yankees?
What player shot free throws underhanded? Which rugby club did Carlos Spencer go to? Where is "The U" that a player is from?
Who played in these Irish soccer tourneys? Who am I? Which former Super Bowl player and MVP was once listed at 7th string?
How many times has the University of Memphis Tigers beat University of Tennessee Volunteers in football? Who is the all-time favorite NFL running back? Was a player on the Pittsburgh Steelers selected as MVP?
How many super bowls? What is the only sport that is played primarily on the players' heels? Who would be on the all-time best college alum basketball team?
Who & his name starts with "S", maybe? Is Jay Bouwmeester's four consecutive games with a goal the most? How many national basketball titles has UNC won?
What about Todd Bertuzzi? Can you name two in the Scottish cup & league cup, but not...? Is my butt out of bounds?
When was the game & against what team? Where was two platoon football first used? When where they last from the same state?
What are those bands around football players' arms for? What was the name of the college basketball player who...? Where was John Fox before?
When did baseball's sacrifice fly rule become effective? How many fumbles did Draughn have in 2008? How can I prevent my ski boot clip from opening?
Who was the first football player to rush for a mile? How many football games did Moses Moreno start? Is the runner from 1st to 2nd base out or not?
Is it spiked or intentional grounding? In football, is it 2nd down or is there a possession change? What basketball team beat him?
In gymnastics, can a silver prep op do a level 3? Originally how many players were on a basketball team? Who played rugby and flew?
Who was the only player to win both? The first 3-point shot? Chargers versus Buccaneers?
The missing quarterback is? How many of Brett Farve's 40? Who has played the longest?
Who was their running back in Super Bowl 24? Has anyone played in both? The turkey trophy?
How are conference teams selected? How can I do my rugby training with tape lifting? What years for the San Francisco 49ers?
What sets up for a free kick? How that about Charlie Weiss? What, a fantasy football question?
Has anyone skipped college? In basketball, how far to the free throw line? What number did Waldman wear playing basketball?
So which team? Why are there two separate divisions? Did one never win all season long?
Know no score until it's over? How many road games? Is he that Tommy Bowden?
What do you enjoy about golf? What college team owns the record? Who lived on a billboard?
What ever happened to Ludmilla Tourescheva? What are those thin bands? How much does one earn?
Where can I find F1 on TV? In basketball, what if there is a free throw error? Is there an NFL coach who won?
Has any city won all four? Less than 2 Wolverine wins? Do NFL players get fined?
Has a team won two games on the same day before? If I am holding this, what sport am I playing? Who is the only coach?
What teams never won? Who is Ammani Hill? Who hit & stole for the Phillies 30 homers & 30 bases?
How about a chew? Who was the other team? What was their worst loss?
In the football game of the century...? Can you name five $7,000,000 non-players? How many Griffey Jr. home runs?
What NFL quarterback has the record? In rugby, which team is awarded the ball? At Michigan, what was his number?
What's a hat trick? In 1977, who wore this jersey? Can you imagine the Cub, Sox, & Bears all in 1st?
What Indian sport is played in different forms? Did Michael Jordan retire? What's with CC Sabathia's name?
Is this possible for even Jim Brown? What pro baseball team was first? What is the difference between intentional grounding & spiking?
Do pitchers' wins count? Any back-to-back no-hitters? What are these two straps worn by linemen?
When last did the Twins walk more than 10? Notre Dame last played Alabama on its home field when? Did Pedro Martinez facilitate this acquisition?
How possible is it to run 5.3 miles in 26 minutes? The next soccer world cup will be...? Will football's Tom Brady return?
Three Europeans & three clubs? After Dallas, where is Johnson? What was Jordan's high school average?
Is polo water very deep? When did the LA Lakers start playing? How many consecutive wins?
How can a rugby player cross over? When do players stop being rookies? How many home runs did the Babe hit this way?
Is there a reason why some rock? Football terms need IDs. On kick off of a football game, can the ball be placed?
Where did our national team names come from? Where will they take over on offense? What your opinion: Best ever World Series team?
What's the record for consecutive games having home runs? About the Met's manager... It depends what the meaning of new game is.
Who is most busy playing hockey? Will square element wheels fit any type of bearing? What are those pre-season football friendlies about?
How many points? Is this guy headed to the Hall of Fame? How much did he weigh?
What denotes a great player using an accepted set of standards? Has anyone ever won Wimbledon & an open? Who won the Tour de France?
In basketball, how high is it? What is the origin of the Olympics? When does Jose's contract end?
Skateboarding is a great sport... or is it? Did they ever play baseball in Hartford? College Baseball Championship Double Elimination
How can we fast pitch for speed & accuracy? Do pitchers really hit home runs? Regulation Soccer Teams
Two Hat Tricks, One Soccer Team Who won those horse races? The Most Costly Football Trophy
Football's Division 1 About the new United Football League European Soccer Cup
What soccer team played? UEFA Football Champions League Who hit the most home runs...?
Tiger Woods' Sunday Best What is this box score symbol for relief pitchers? An operational question from a skateboarder.
Who in soccer won this one? The last football penalty against whom was when? How many Michigan basketball championships & how many coaches?
About the famous figure skater, Michelle Kwan.... How do I run baseball 13 run pools in the office? What is a woman's perspective from within a sports context?
What is -- and why is it -- the most popular sport worldwide? What are the differences between rugby and soccer? What will Brett Favre's loss mean to the Green Bay Packers?
Toulon plays rugby also? Formula One's cars in its new season will have less computer controlled driving and more reliance on driver skills. Will this change lead to more exciting races? How about that safety following that 109 yard missed return?
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